Three Day Underwater Workshop in Los Angeles

May 29-31 2015


Join renowned photographer Scott Rhea for a one-of-a-kind workshop
experience. See how he creates his work and shoot your own.

rella20090526_0168 copyWhat is included : 3 days of intense hands on education. All dive equipment and camera gear needed for an underwater shoot, breakfast, Lunch, drinks and snacks. Swag – tba.

What’s not included: Hotel, airfare, & dinners.


Concepting and idea development – Scott reviews his work and the creative ground work that went into each shot.


The Creative Process – technique and exercises- From the blank slate to the storyboard, Scott details his process for bringing an idea into life. Experience hands on exercises to break the creative block.

Pre-Production and Preparation – See your idea in detail before you get near the pool! Learn to diagram your production design and lighting in detail so the you can focus on making the best image possible.

Production Design – Understand how to develop, scale, and test your set prior to your shoot day. We’ll discuss how to work with Production Designers and how to source and implement materials for your set.

Gear Demo – Hands on demo with experts from both Backscatter and Hydroflex will demonstrate the latest gear and talk about what’s on the horizon.

Pro Staff Q&A – End the day with an open Q&A session with Scott, Backscatter and Hydroflex.


Safety prep – Safety first!! It all starts with safety! Discuss what makes a set safe and how to manage a safe shoot.

“Tuning the pool” – Learn how chemistry and temperature are key to keeping talent looking natural.

rella20090526_0113 copyWardrobe and makeup – Work with a renown stylist and makeup artist to choose a unique look for your shoot. A discussion will be held prior by each artist to discuss what works and does not work in water.

Weight and balances – Balance is the key to reserving talent energy. Learn how to safely and comfortably balance your talent.

Video assisted shoot by Scott Rhea – Watch Scott go through a shoot with talent and see the entire process via video assist pool side.

Pre-production talent discussion-“How do you get talent to do that” It’s always the first question and we will discuss how good communication is mandatory in getting great results.

Individual shoots by each photographer with talent – Now it’s your turn! Get in the water and shoot! Scott will assist each student in shooting their own session with talent while others watch via video assist. A short discussion will take place after each shoot.

Day 3: Post Production

More shooting setups – Additional underwater shooting setups in the am.

Workflow – Editing and preparing to output your raw files using Capture One software. Looking at options before you output your image to Photoshop.

Image Critique – Scott will critique each student’s shoot and edit for the best image to show.

Printing – Learn the basics of printing fine art images. Discussion will include RIP software, paper choices, profiles, and process.

Q&A – End the day with an Open Q&A session.

Private one-on-one sessions after workshop (if a student of the workshop) $350.
Private one-on-one sessions after workshop (If you have not taken the workshop) $650.

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